LEO Vehicles are for LEO use; except for stolen cars and authorized impersonation. Only "decommissioned / auctioned" vehicles are allowed to be used by active/retired LEO. With permission from Ownership and LEO DC. Do not spawn LEO vehicles as a civilian. Be sure to use realistic cars based of the hot spots ( Ex. Supercars in a rural area like sandy isn't as common so you shouldn't see super cars on the sandy road unless passing through the count to another more suitable area for the vehicle.

Supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, bugatti, Aston martins, Koenigsegg, etc) may not be driven in Sandy Shores, Harmony, and Grapeseed.

No Unrealistic Driving, be aware of your surroundings, terrain, weather and speed.

Fire & Rescue vehicles are only for Fire & Rescue use.

Dept. of Transportation vehicles are only for Dept. of Transportation use.

SK Security vehicles are only for SK use.

Planes and Helicopters are only for Cert Civilians.

No Bulletproof Tires on regular vehicles classes.

No Armoured Vehicles unless approved by Management Team

Using the "exclusive driver" setting on vMenu is prohibited. (LEO is excluded)

You may not use a tow truck to steal a car.

No Drag cars or racer cars on road unless server events

no unrealistic vehicles such as da baby car , fortnite car.

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