Breaking Character

You must remain In Character at all times while in the server. Breaking character by going OOC should not be happening unless a break-in RP has been initiated by a staff member. Choosing to criticize and nit-pick minor policy issues of police officers while your character is engaged in heavy-criminal will be considered unrealistic & is breaking server rule . (Ex. Your character is being arrested for murder and you decide to take the opportunity to bash the officer verbally in a plot to bring the conversation OOC in hopes to gain a advantage even if one isn't as of result). Saying things such as: "It's laggy", "I'm going to report you", "That's not allowed your breaking server rules", "I don't want to roleplay this" etc to gain the ability to gain a upper hand or win the situation is not tolerated.

Examples of Breaking Character:

Directly Addressing Gameplay Mechanics

Revealing Out-of-Character Knowledge

OOC Complaints During Roleplay

Non-Roleplay Rudeness or Insults

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