New Life Rule


New Life Rule

The New Life Rule (NLR) is a principle in role-playing that dictates how a player should handle their character's progression after an in-game death or incapacitation. Below are the guidelines to follow:

Death & Respawn

  • Upon death and subsequent respawn, your character suffers from amnesia regarding the events that led to their demise.

  • You must role-play the loss of memory and are prohibited from seeking retribution for events prior to respawning.

  • Avoid immediately resuming the same type of activities that resulted in the death.

Injury & Recovery

Your character can only retain memory of an injury if other actual players, usually EMS, transport

your character to a medical facility for treatment.

After proper role-played medical intervention and recovery, continuing the storyline is acceptable.

Example Scenario

If your character is involved in a severe car crash or a police chase after committing a robbery and subsequently dies, they should not return to committing robberies post-respawn without undergoing the correct role-play recovery process.

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