Banned scenarios, and approved RP

No approval needed for Cert CIV Civilians (The staff team has the right to ask Cert civilian to stop performing certain roleplays momentarily)

Hostages RP

make sure to make it thought out and fun for all parties involved.

Animal Roleplay

If you roleplay as a animal ensure to properly RP as realistic as possible.

Require Approval from Cert CIV Supervisors:

Prison escape

Stealing police vehicles (permission from leo as well)

You may not "store" or "save" police vehicles for use at a later time.

Require Approval from Cert CIV Directors:

Police Impersonation

Serial Killer RP

kidnapping first responders (Permission from the leo aswell )

Banned Scenarios

Murderous Insane Psychopath / Sociopath Roleplay

Sexual Roleplay


Alien Roleplay

Suicide RP

Crossing real-life politics with in-game scenarios

Creating a character based on a historically political or racist person.

School Shootings

Bombs & Terrorism

Hit man Rp

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