Interfering Scenes

Interfering in another player's role-playing (RP) scenario is strictly prohibited within the server. The act of interference is clearly defined as an instance where a player, without invitation or consent, forcefully interjects themselves into the role-playing scenario of another individual or group. By doing so, they can significantly disrupt the ongoing scene and potentially ruining the experience for others.

Examples of Interfering in A Role-Playing Scene

Example 1: The Random Attack

  • Situation: Two players are engaged in a deep conversation in-character at a coffee shop planning their next move in a heist.

  • Interference: A third player, who has no role in their scenario, suddenly starts attacking the players without any in-character motivation or previous interaction.

Example 2: The Unsolicited Police Raid

  • Situation: A group of players are secretly meeting in an abandoned warehouse to exchange illicit goods as part of their RP.

  • Interference: A player acting as a police officer decides to raid the warehouse without any probable cause or RP backstory that would justify their knowledge of the event.

Example 3: The Unwanted Guest

  • Situation: A private party is being held at a player's in-game home with invited guests participating in a RP scenario.

  • Interference: An uninvited player bypasses the role-played security measures and crashes the party, causing a disturbance and refusing to leave when asked by the host.

Example 4: Vehicle Chaos

  • Situation: Players are engaged in a funeral procession, driving slowly and following a hearse in a sign of respect.

  • Interference: Another player recklessly drives through the procession, hitting vehicles and the hearse, ignoring the scenario.

Example 5: Refusing to Respect Boundaries

  • Situation: Players are acting out a scenario involving a private investigation where stealth and discretion are key.

  • Interference: A player who is not part of the investigation continuously follows the investigators, trying to make their presence known and interrupting.

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