Priority Calls & Priority Cooldown

Only Certified Civilians may conduct bank robberies and calls involving hostages and are the only ones ALLOWED to start priorities. Non Cert can NOT start priorities. This includes all persons involved in the group of criminals performing the scene.

Excessive Priority/Aggressive RP will lead to punishment or suspension from permission to conduct priority incidents.

during this time, you cannot flee from a police interaction or commit aggressive RP unless you are a part of the priority scene. You can continue your existing RP with other civilians whether it is passive or aggressive, but you cannot create any new priorities/aggressive RP.

Priority Cooldown will be activated once the suspects are caught or when they have escaped from authorities. Priority cooldown indicates that the priority is over and you cannot commit any priority RP/aggressive RP with anyone, you may only do passive RP. If you have escaped, you should try to lay low and not attract the attention of authorities. If they find you while priority cooldown is activated you have to follow the priority cooldown rules.

Personal Cooldown: An individual player, or group of players, must wait at least 20 minutes after the expiration of their last priority call's cooldown before starting another priority. The staff team can impose a longer personal cooldown for players at their discretion.

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