Discord / Server Chat Etiquettecy

Voice Changer / Soundboards

Voice Changer & Soundboards is allowed with in the context that it is used in a responsible and logical way to help carry the RP. You are to use this privilege wisely and correctly.

Furthermore abusing such ability such as Mic Spamming high pitch, using soundboard loud with a certain audio change, Any audio used to express any form of harassments, racism, derogatory towards any sex orientation , age , religion , group. Will end with a permanent ban from server.


Spamming in chat in server/discord is not allowed and is punishable by a warning, comms and or ban depending on severity of actions taken by said chat spammer. Any forum of spamming negatively towards race, religion, group, sexual orientation and age.

Car Radio - Terms of Use

The Car Radio can be activated by going into a vehicle and press F10

  • No Ear Raping Audio

  • No Racism or Offensive Audio

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