Using Out-Of-Character (OOC) information for your in-game character's gain is considered metagaming and is not allowed. This includes any knowledge acquired from sources outside the game like Discord or Streaming. You're only allowed to act on information your character learns in the game. Additionally, utilizing police resources such as scanners, responding to 911 calls, or accessing police-specific information by being 'clocked in' constitutes metagaming, unless you are an on-duty law enforcement officer (LEO) actively role-playing your real LEO character.

Examples of Metagaming:

  • Using Discord Info Your character acts on information about a hidden item location you learned through a Discord chat, but your in-game character has no Knowledge.

  • Using Streams: You watch another player's Stream to find out their character's current location to ambush them even though your character has no in-game way of knowing.

  • Misuse of LEO equipment: A non-law enforcement character somehow gains access to RTO, police blips, menus, or call information, which are strictly for active, in-game LEOs, and uses that information to benefit their game play.

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