Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

Random Deathmatch, or RDM refers to the act of killing another member without Roleplay intent. This includes shooting or engaging in violence spontaneously without a justification. Vehicle Deathmatch, or VDM involves running over a player with a vehicle without cause. Both actions lack the prior meaningful exchange that is typically required to establish Roleplay for the violence. Vehicle Deathmatch may only be justified if there is an active threat from another player or if there has been a significant previous encounter with them.

Example of RDM:

  • Homtrick, without any prior interaction or provocation, approaches Papi on the street and stabs him with a knife, ignoring any attempt at roleplay dialogue or interaction.

  • In the middle of a crowded market, Homtrick randomly selects Papi from the crowd and begins shooting at him with a pistol, not due to any roleplay situation but solely for the purpose of disruption.

  • As Papi is quietly fishing at the pier, Homtrick walks by and without a word, pushes Papi into the water, immediately following with gunfire, despite no prior history or roleplay conflict.

  • During a city-wide event, Homtrick throws a grenade into a group of players including Papi, with no roleplay justification or preceding interaction, causing chaos and breaking the roleplay narrative.

Example of VDM:

  • While driving at high speed through the city, Homtrick purposely swerves onto the sidewalk to hit Papi who is walking to the store, without any previous interaction or altercation.

  • During a roleplay situation at a traffic light, without provocation or any roleplay build-up, Homtrick suddenly accelerates and rams Papi's parked car, attempting to injure him.

  • In a clear area where Papi is inspecting a map by his parked car, Homtrick abruptly turns his vehicle towards Papi and runs him over without any warning or in-character reason.

  • As Papi is participating in a street race with others, Homtrick, who is not part of the event, intentionally drives his truck into the race path, hitting Papi's car to cause a deliberate crash.

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