Fear Roleplay

(Fear RP)

This concept expects that a player's character will act in a manner consistent with real-world responses to danger. Characters in role-playing games should show appropriate reactions like fear and self-preservation, such as fleeing, hiding, or panicking, to keep the game realistic.

Core Principles of Fear RP

  • Self-Preservation: Characters should prioritize their safety and avoid risks that a real person wouldn't take.

  • Realistic Reactions: When faced with threats, characters must react in ways that are believable to how a real person would behave.

  • Consequences for Violations: Players who do not adhere to Fear RP may face in-game penalties. such as comms and or a ban depending on severity of action and attempts.

Tips to properly follow fear rp

Assess the Situation: As a character, understand the danger and think about how a real person would feel and act.

React Appropriately: If your character is threatened with harm, they should show signs of fear and consider options to escape or call for help.

Stay Consistent: Ensure that your character's actions remain consistent with their personality and background.

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