Acronyms & RP Lingo

These Acronyms and RP Lingo must be followed at all time to keep the RP

OOC - Out-Of-Character

IC - In-Character

LEO - Law Enforcement Officer

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

PCD - Priority Cooldown

PIP - Priority In Progress

TCFR - Travis County Fire Rescue

CC - County Coroner (When CC is called to scene, it means dead players may respawn)

CEMS - County EMS (County EMS is representative of normal EMS being unavailable, when County EMS is called to a scene, it means real EMS players will not be responding, and that injured players may transport themselves to the hospital via a teleport)

Government Official - Staff Member

City - Server

Government Website - Discord

Joined The Server - Just flew in

In My Head - Away from Keyboard

Headache - Dropping Frames / Crashed / Lagging

Spider On Your Foot - When a player is glitching through the map [HIT SPACEBAR]

Body Camera - Screen Recording

Aliens - Modder's / Mass RDM/VDM

Look Through Your Eyes - First Person

Locals - NPCs/AIs

Blackouts - Restarts

Flex your muscle - Press that key

Default Danny - Default Character (You need to change it)

Bluetooth - Discord Voice Chat

Voice Box - Microphone

Eyes - Screen

Tsunami - Restart

Muscle Spasm - Miss-clicked

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