Fail RP Examples

For further answers to concern you can open a ticket where a staff team member can help answer your question.

  • Your ped must be changed from the default ped prior to leaving the spawn location.

  • Police vehicles are equipped with tracking devices, they cannot be removed.

  • Refusing to verbally identify yourself is fine but you must provide your character name if the police run your fingerprints while booking/arresting you.

  • appearing dead and then getting up to join a gunfight by surprise.

  • Applying handcuffs or /carry onto a player who does not agree to it, or is running/walking. You may only handcuff or /carry a person who agrees to it, surrenders (complying), or is not capable of resisting (on the floor, tackled, stunned/tased, incapacitated, etc.).

  • Failing to respond to /me to avoid roleplay.

  • Airsoft Weapons: Stating a weapon is an airsoft weapon when it is clearly firing real bullets, sounds exactly like a real gun, and, if pointed at a player, it would in fact kill them upon firing at them.

  • being searched and lying about what you posses.

  • Spawning/Despawning Vehicles randomly in the public.

  • Changing your vehicle's customizations while in a pursuit. Changing your characters clothes while in a pursuit must be roleplayed.

  • Abusing GTA physics, such as jumping mountains in vehicles.

  • Not roleplaying injuries, such as being shot multiple times and walking away.

  • Using your phone or radio while in handcuffs or while in jail.

  • Respawning while LEO or EMS are on scene.

  • Using unrealistic vehicles / vehicles mods / floating parts.

  • Spamming armor to regenerate armor health.

  • Unrealistically locking/unlocking a door you would not have access to. Under normal circumstances, only an officer would have jail and station keys

  • No vehicle may use the runway at any time unless they are an aircraft. First Responders are exempt but they must RP shutting down the runway prior to entering the runway.

  • When a location has been claimed and actively being used for RP, you may not use the location on your own. Example: An auto shop/repair spot is claimed and is being used for mechanic RP, you cannot go to the location and do /repair on your own, you must RP having the mechanic fix your vehicle. That includes trying to take a home away from the owner of the home

  • When you die in a scene and you are treated and taken by either EMS or Leo to a hospital you may not determine if you are to live or die. You may only determine to live or die if the outcome is realistic based on the circumstances of the given roleplay scenario.

  • Registering and/or displaying offensive words or acronyms on a vehicle license plate

  • Driving through a police blockade/barricade " Or if the road is closed by city officials "

  • Respawning a vehicle that has been towed by DOT. That was towed from a scene in a timely fashion can not be respawned without first getting with DOT about the vehicle in question.

  • When in a RP scene if a person ups it's on you first you must fear for your life. Meaning you should not be able to bring up your gun and shoot them first.

  • driving around with your vehicle door open or off. trunk open and driving fast.

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