Powergaming and Force Roleplay

Force Roleplay is attempting to control another player's actions without their consent. such action is strictly prohibited. Engaging in unrealistic actions against an opponent without allowing them the chance to counter is not allowed. On this server, some properties such as shops and homes are available for claiming on a first-come, first-serve basis. Claiming ownership of a property already legitimately acquired by another party is a form of power-gaming and will not be tolerated. Note that government-owned properties, including airports and police stations, are off-limits for civilian claims.


  1. Taking actions without allowing response: When players perform actions against others without giving them a fair chance to react or defend themselves.

  2. Claiming ownership improperly: If a player claims ownership of an in-game property that has already been acquired by someone else, they are engaging in powergaming.

Force Roleplay:

Force Roleplay is directly related to powergaming and occurs when a player tries to control another player's character actions without their consent. This can take several forms:

  • Forcing situations: Telling other players the outcome of an interaction without their input.

  • Unrealistic actions: Engaging in actions that go beyond the realm of plausible in the game's context and not allowing others to naturally react within the game's logic.

Both of these behaviors disrupt the collaborative storytelling nature of role playing games and are considered improper conduct on roleplaying servers.

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