Cop Baiting

This activity involves players behavior that is intentionally done to attract the attention of LEO which is not allowed within server.

Forms of Cop Baiting:

Excessive Speeding or Reckless Driving

Firing Guns Near Police Stations

Committing Petty Crimes in Front of Officers

Vehicle Ramming

Doing burnouts outside the police station.

Doing wheelies past officers

Purposely revving your vehicle beside cops at traffic lights.

Returning to find the cops after escaping them to force a interaction.

Speeding or performing other actions to draw attention to yourself in areas that there are reasonable expectations for officers to be located.

Using your horn unnecessarily much just to get attention, or when there is an active scene going on nearby.

Purposely driving through an active scene and/or roadblocks.

Abusing 911 calls to have officers come to you. As Well as lack of depth in scenario in order to get a quick scene.

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